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Get access to all our courses currently available and the 25 hours of training included in this catalog at a discounted rate.


Get access to all our supply chain and logistics courses currently available and the 25 hours of training included in this catalog.

All 15 courses currently present in our eCatalog are included.
Pricing is based on current discounted prices of the individuals courses.
Americas ground transport essentials is included but not charged due to its certain similarity with Europe inland transport essentials.
An additional discount of 25% is included.
You will also be offered a 40% discount on all new course publications for the 12 months following your subscription (2-4 courses to be expected).

Supply chain and logistics courses currently included:

  1. Incoterms® 2020 training
  2. Incoterms® 2020 changes from 2010
  3. Introduction to transport modes
  4. Introduction to transport documents training
  5. Transport documents training
  6. Air freight
  7. Ocean liner essentials
  8. How ports work
  9. Americas ground transport essentials (free of charge)
  10. Europe inland transport essentials
  11. Introduction to customs classification
  12. Customs classification – rules and notes
  13. Supply chain material flows
  14. Supply chain information flows
  15. Common logistics KPIs

Upon purchase, all courses will be added to your automatically created Learning Environment account.

All our online courses include interactive part and some include final examination which unlock an Allyn International completion certificate.

Further general information about our eLearnings can be found here and some of our used material can be viewed on our logistics blog


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