How ports work


A 50 minutes eLearning focused on How Ports work.


Learn about how ports work and how they handle cargo in this Allyn International logistics training.

Learning objectives:

Following this course, the student should be:

  • be aware about the most common types of ports and terminals handling cargo,
  • be familiar with the type of cargo being handled in ports,
  • be able to recognize the most common port equipment and understand their usage,
  • have a general idea about how ports work and how cargo is handled through them.

How ports work training content:

In this online logistics course, we will look at some introductory level information related to How (cargo) ports work.

We will start by introducing ports in general, before looking at the port of Leixões in Northern Portugal as a example of multi-purpose port.
We will then visually review some standard handling equipment used in cargo ports before going over the main types of cargo and the terminal which accommodate them.
We will then look at a simulated animation of a break-bulk port as well as one of a container port before closing up the module.

This ports and cargo focused training runs for approximately 35 minutes.
This logistics eLearning contains videos, animations and interactive exercise to help with knowledge acquisition.
User experience duration is expected to be around 50 minutes but may vary due to interactive parts and reflection time.

Further general information about our Allyn International’s eLearnings can be found here.


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