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All products presented here are eLearnings focused on Logistics, Trade and Supply Chain topics and have been prepared in house, by Allyn International.

Whilst our eLearning will work on mobile phones, viewing them on these smaller screens is not recommended as they are developed to be viewed on tablets or computer screens.

Whilst we have put our best efforts into providing up-to-date and correct information, it may happen that the information provided may be interpreted differently in certain fields, company or countries and therefore the provided information should not be considered as a legal reference and does not engage the responsibility of Allyn International or its partners.

We use in-house, owned, authorized, public domain, creative commons and fair use material and diligently try to ensure we are in full compliance with any copyrights or source indications. Nevertheless, if we did inadvertently use material which may infringe any copyright rule or for which the source may not be properly indicated – please inform us and we will take the needed corrective actions and adjust our material.

Our courses are recorded by our course lead logistics and subject matter experts directly. While this may result in various accents and diction types, it also ensures that the resulting delivery is the one desired by the representative expert and teacher. These language variances also represents the internationality of our organization.

Our courses, eShop, and Learning Environment are hosted by a web-host who ensures our used servers are carbon neutral thanks to a partnership with Carbonfund.org and the purchase of carbon offsets.

Since 1992, Allyn International has been fulfilling its mission of “Providing exceptional professional services for the global marketplace, enabling our customers to succeed by focusing on their core business while inspiring our employees to achieve their full potential.” and has been supporting worldwide customers in the field of logistics, trade compliance and tax services.
We notably provide dedicated logistics specialists and consultants to our customers.
Initial and continuous training of these individuals is key to the success of our organization and we hope these online courses may help you learn more about logistics and supply chain.
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Allyn International's catalog of logistics elearning online courses and logistics training
Allyn International’s catalog of supply chain and logistics training online courses