Learn logistics

What is logistics?

In a general business sense, logistics can be defined as the detailed planning, organization, and
implementation of a complex operation

Logistics is a key and critical element of a company’s supply chain. Logistics is responsible, inside this supply chain, for the management and optimization of the transport, storage, and distribution of raw material, components, goods, people, supplies, semi-finished or finished products.

Working in this field means being involved in the organization, execution and monitoring of the movement, storage and distribution of goods. It will also mean using supporting resources, such as people, providers, equipment and technology.

Learn logistics - A simplified view of a logistics chain used in our article related to learning logistics.
A simplified view of a logistics chain

Why learn logistics?

With a market valued at perhaps $9,000 billion in 2020 and a strong job outlook, logistics is a big business. It is a sector with great career opportunities for those ready to take on the challenges of this demanding field.

To perform efficiently in it, to help the logistics chain run smoothly and to ensure that the goods are in the right place, at the right time, in the right quantity and for the right price, a logisticians must acquire experience and knowledge.
In the US alone, close to 200,000 logisticians are in place, supporting the movement of the supply chain, with many more jobs openings to come.

Learning logistics – acquiring or deepening your logistics, trade compliance, documentary, transport, or supply chain knowledge will obviously ease your entry or progression inside this industry.

Why Allyn Training?

We, at Allyn International, have been providing logistics services in the demanding field of 4PL since 1992, and using this experience, built a set of logistics and supply chain related short courses.

We believe these courses will help anyone wishing to enter the field of logistics or deepen their knowledge of it. Individuals who work indirectly with logistics (project manager, buyers, sales…) will also gain by having a better understanding of it.

All our courses are developed and supported by subject matter experts. They are interactive, online and self-paced.
You will retain access to the material for at least 12 months and most likely longer.

All courses entitle you to a completion certificate.
Our more advanced courses include a final exam, which will be mentioned in the completion certificate.

So interested in learning logistics ? Take a look at our logistics curriculum or visit our home page and some of our courses.

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