About our eShop

The Allyn International eLearning catalog is an online list and eShop of the currently available Allyn International logistics and supply chain eLearning courses. Our portfolio of supply chain and logistics training modules is constantly growing and if you want to stay up-to-date a newsletter subscription is available on our eShop.

Upon your first purchase, an account will be automatically created on our eShop as well as on our learning platform. You will then be able to find your purchased course or courses on the learning platform and they will be also be listed under your My Courses section of this eShop when logged in.

For subsequent purchases, you will need to log in in order for your new purchases to be automatically added to your existing shopping and learning account.

Currently you can only buy single licenses of each training using our eShop as they are linked to your individual learner account – bulk purchasing options will be provided in the future and in the meanwhile please refer to the “Multiple Licenses” section here below if you are interested in purchasing multiple licenses of a same training.

If you are interested in purchasing multiple licenses of a same training, please contact us at training@allynintl.com so that we can assist you with the set-up of multiple user accounts on our learning platform and the invoicing of multiple licenses. Bulk purchasing discounts are available.

If you have multiple users, we also provide dedicated learning environments, which are customized to your needs, and on which your users can freely access our entire catalog of courses or can be enrolled to selected courses.
Your LMS will be hosted on a dedicated subdomain of https://allynlogisticstraining.com/.
For more information please contact us at training@allynintl.com.

You can also find some free logistics training material on our logistics blog – https://logisticselearning.com

Allyn International's catalog of logistics elearning and logistics training online courses.
Allyn International’s catalog of logistics training elearning courses