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Introduction to transport modes

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An 80 minutes interactive eLearning introducing the main freight transport modesocean, air, road as well as barge and rail.
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Learn about the main transport modes in this Allyn International Introduction to transport modes logistics training.
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Learning objectives:

Following this course, the student should be:

  • familiar with the most common transport modes.
  • able to select a transport mode appropriate to a specific situation.
  • able to exchange in a credible manner with customers, freight forwarders, and other parties in relation to transport modes.
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Introduction to transport modes training content:

In this online logistics training, we will look at some essential information related to the main transport modes, the different means used to transport cargo or freight.

We will start by introducing cargo transportation in general, presenting the main involved parties, and listing the main modes.
We will then look separately and in some more details at the Truck (Ground), Air, and Ocean transport modes before briefly reviewing the two, somewhat less common, Rail and Barge transport modes.
We will then close this module by looking at a transport example and going over some key points.

In this training, we will be introducing the main transport modes you may work with as a logistics coordinator. The information will be high level, introductory only. For more advanced information please refer to mode-specific training materials and options.

The total run time of this logistics training is approximately 55 minutes.
User experience duration is expected to be around 80 minutes but may vary due to interactive parts and reflection time.
A final exam is available and will help validate the acquired knowledge in this Incoterm training.
A completion certificate is available upon successful completion.

This course includes English Closed Captions.

Further general information about our eLearnings can be found here and some of our used material can be viewed on our logistics blog

8 reviews for Introduction to transport modes

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    Very exciting course

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  8. Audrey M. (verified owner)

    Very informational, reasonably priced. I would suggest this series for a vocational resume update. The reference is from a European perspective, so a few of the terms may be slightly unfamiliar.

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