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Introduction to transport documents

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A 55 minutes eLearning focused on introducing key transport and transport related documents.


Learn about transport documents with this Allyn International transport documents training and online eLearning course.

In this “Introduction to transport documents”, we will review and discuss briefly the most common transport and transport related documents which you may encounter when working in transport and logistics. Transport documents are essential for any cargo or freight move and having some understanding of them is critical.

The documents covered in this introductory level module include:

  • The Invoice which provides information about the trading parties, the traded goods, their quantity, and cost.
  • The Packing List which describes the content of the consignment and accompanies the goods.
  • The Ocean, Road and Multimodal Bill of Ladings (BOL) used worldwide to document transports.
  • Air Waybill (AWB) used worldwide for air transports.
  • The CMR the main ground transport document of reference in Europe and Central Asia.
  • The Carnet TIR used for customs transit through third countries.
  • The ATA Carnet used for temporary imports.
  • And the Certificate of Origin used for various – often customs related – purposes.
  • The student will also learn about the difference between House and Master documents.

This transport document training also includes various document examples and interactive maps are used in this eLearning to increase engagement.

Following this transport documents training, the student should be:

  • aware of the most common transport documents and their typical content.
  • able to exchange in a credible manner with customers, logistics service providers, and other parties when talking about transport documentation.
  • able to identify when certain documents are required and who is responsible for providing them.

This transport documents training runs for approximately 35 minutes.
User experience duration is expected to be around 55 minutes but may vary due to interactive parts and reflection time.

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9 reviews for Introduction to transport documents

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    Good course, provides a good foundation for learning what’s used for tracking shipments.

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    Course was very relevant

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