Air freight

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A 90 minutes eLearning focused on Air freight essentials. Learn about the transport of cargo by air.
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Learn about air freight and air cargo transport with this Allyn International Air freight training and air cargo essentials online eLearning course.
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In this logistics training, we will look at some essential information related to Air freight transport, the movement and transport of cargo by air.

We will talk about air transport and air cargo in general before discussing some specifics related to air forwarders and integrators.
We will then dive into more details by reviewing some air freight booking key points and a commonly used booking process as well as the main air cargo transport phases.
We will then close up this air freight training by speaking about documentation and briefly touching on security and Air chartering.

Following this Air cargo training, the student should be:

  • confident when working with air transport thanks to his general understanding of air freight, air cargo and air transport phases.
  • able to exchange in a credible manner with customers, freight forwarders and other parties in relation to air freight transport.
  • able to successfully order air freight transports.

While in this logistics training, we will be looking at air freight mainly from the perspective of a logistics coordinator working with a freight forwarder, we will also, in order to build the student’s awareness, provide some information on the operational and technical aspects of air cargo transport which are generally managed by the freight forwarder on the coordinator’s behalf.

The total run time of our air freight online course is approximately 90 minutes.
The user experience will be longer due to interactive parts and reflection time.
A final exam is available and will help validate the acquired knowledge in this logistics training and will highlight what the student has learnt about air freight.

Further general information about our eLearnings and logistics training modules can be found here.


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