Introduction to customs classification

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A 25 minutes eLearning introducing the Harmonized System for customs classification.
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Learn about customs classification, the Harmonized System and the US Harmonized Tariff Schedule with this Allyn International 25 minutes eLearning course.
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Learning objectives:

Following this course, the student should:

  • Understand what customs classification is.
  • Know what HS and HTS are and what they are used for.
  • Be able to read, look up online, and interpret a HS or HTS customs code and find the possible applicable duty rates.
  • Be in position to pursue further advanced training related to the actual customs classification of goods.

Introduction to customs classification training content:

In this introductory training, we will look at some introductory information related to customs classification.

We will start by presenting the international Harmonized System used as a basis for the global classification of goods for customs purposes.
We will then explain the difference between the international HS system and the systems used on national levels.
We will finish by looking in a few more details at the national classification system used in the US – the US HTS – see how it is structured and how it is linked to the applicable tariffs and duties.

Interactive parts are available to assist with the learning and validate the knowledge acquired in this supply chain training.

The information in this module will be high level, introductory only. For more advanced information please refer to further specific training materials and options.

The total run time of this logistics training is approximately 25 minutes.
The user experience will be longer due to interactive parts and reflection time.

Further general information about our eLearnings can be found here and some of our used material can be viewed on our logistics blog

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    Good course, very detailed for understanding how products are classified.

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