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Introduction to logistics


A 60 minutes interactive eLearning introducing logistics, its main functions and keystones as well as its role inside a supply chain.


Learn about logistics in this Allyn International Introduction to logistics training and online course.

Learning objectives:

Following this course, the student should:

  • be familiar with the term logistics and what it is about,
  • know and understand the difference between logistics and supply chain,
  • know and understand the difference between logistics and transportation,
  • be aware of the main logistics keystones, such as organization and optimization,
  • understand the importance of logistics functions within the fields of material and transport management
  • understand the main goals of logistics.

Introduction to logistics training content:

In this online logistics training, we will introduce logistics and its fundamentals.
We will review its basic functions, its role in different areas such as transportation, warehousing, and production, and see how crucial an efficient logistics organization is for an effective functioning supply chain.

We will start by defining and explaining the difference between the, commonly confused, transport and logistics terms.
Then, using an example, we will explain and map out of a typical supply chain.
Using historical facts as a background, we will also look at some logistics keystones.

We will then speak about some selected logistics functions and their place within a supply chain, looking at the role of logistics in relation to the management of materials and products, and the management of transport flows.
Still using our example, we will look at some important logistics flows which can be found in most supply chain.
To close off the presentation part, we will go over a simple overview of this course, review some highlights, goals and keystone and briefly present the logistics and supply chain seven Rs.

An interactive set of questions is available to help with the learning and validate the knowledge acquired in this logistics online course.

In this training, we will be introducing logistics and the information will remain high-level and introductory only.
However, we also offer more advanced online courses and training covering many logistics, transport, trade compliance and supply chain related activities.
For more information, please refer to our specific training materials and options.

This Introduction to logistics training runs for approximately 40 minutes.
User experience is expected to last around 60 minutes but will vary due to interactive parts and reflection time.

Further general information about our eLearnings can be found here and some of our used material can be viewed on our logistics blog


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