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Customs classification – rules and notes

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A 90 minutes eLearning explaining general rules and notes used in the customs classification process.
This course follows Introduction to customs classification.


Learn about the customs classification process of the Harmonized System and the US Harmonized Tariff Schedule with this Allyn International 90 minutes eLearning course.
This course follows Introduction to customs classification and we strongly recommend viewing this introduction course prior to this one.

Learning objectives:

Following this course, the student should:

  • understand what the General Rules of Interpretation and the Additional U.S. Rules are and how to use them,
  • understand the importance of Section and Chapter notes,
  • be aware about the General notes of the HTS US as well as the General statistical notes,
  • be able to follow the recommended process of classification of goods for the imports to the US,
  • be ready to pursue more advanced training and practicing courses.

Introduction to customs classification rules and notes training content:

In this customs classification rules and notes trade compliance training, we will look at some guidelines, such as the  general rules and existing notes used during the customs classification process of imported goods.

Determining in which category goods should be placed in relation to their customs clearance is needed for duties & tariff, as well as trade rules, restrictions, quota and statistical purposes. The general rules and notes, part of the Harmonized system, help with this categorization.

We will start with the 6 General rules for the interpretation of the international Harmonized System and use some examples to demonstrate how these rules should be used.
We will then show how these Rules are integrated in the HTS of the US and look at how goods are grouped and ordered in the sections and chapters.
Still using examples, we will continue with the Additional U.S. Rules of the Interpretation of the Harmonized Tariff Schedule.
Then, we will present a high-level overview of the General notes of the HTSUS and what they are used for, as well as briefly mention what are the General Statistical notes and the notes in Chapters 98 and 99 of the HTS US.

Interactive parts are available to assist with the learning and validate the knowledge acquired in this supply chain training.

The total run time of this logistics training is approximately 60 minutes.
User experience duration is expected to be around 90 minutes but may vary due to interactive parts and reflection time.

Further general information about our eLearnings can be found here and some of our used material can be viewed on our logistics blog

2 reviews for Customs classification – rules and notes

  1. Marc (verified owner)

    Quite a bit more advanced than the first course but very well presented

  2. Filipe S. (verified owner)

    Great to start understanding the complexity of HTS classification

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