A picture of a generator being transshipped from a quay to a barge. Used to illustrate our course on project cargo and project logistics
CATEGORY: Transport essentials

Project cargo logistics

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Course Overview

This e-Learning module introduces what project cargo is about and how its logistics can be handled. Using an example, we present different aspects of this logistics project management and show how they can be approached.

Total run time approx. 45 min.

Following this course, the student should:

  • be familiar with the term project cargo / project cargo logistics,
  • learn about project cargo types,
  • understand different phases of a project,
  • have an idea about how a shipping strategy and planning are prepared,
  • learn about particularities to be potentially taken into consideration when handling oversized cargo and heavy pieces, 
  • understand the main critical to the quality items of a project’s successful delivery.

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