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Americas standard ground transport essentials

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Course Overview

In this eLearning, we will look at ground freight transport in North America – mainly in the United States.
We will introduce Inland transport as well as the parties and providers in use. We will then review the difference between legal size and oversize cargo and transports. With this done, we will look in quite some details at Truckload and Less Than Truckload transport, before briefly reviewing Out Of Gage – oversize transport. We will speak briefly about road transport documentation and legislation before summarizing.
Total run time, approx. 115 min. 

Following this course, the student should be:

  • familiar with the standard road freight transport.
  • able to determine if a cargo or load is of legal size or is oversized.
  • able to select the best standard ground mode.
  • able to price, book, and coordinate a standard ground transport.
  • able to exchange in a credible manner with customers, freight forwarders, and other in relation to ground transport.
  • understand some of the main legal and documentary requirements.

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