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Newsletter 7 – Articles on the evolution of container ships and importing prototypes to the US. A discount on “how ports work” course.

Newsletter 6 – Launching our Introduction to logistics course with a discount. What is a Preighter? News on Chinese ports.

Newsletter 5 – What is ENS – Entry Summary Declaration? New year discount ! Release of a transport logistics quiz.

Newsletter 4 – About the Harmonized System (HS). Release of a Trade compliance quiz and a new course on Project cargo. A link to our container port animation.

Newsletter 3 – Information about the 2020 merchant fleet. A discount on our Incoterm course. A link to our transport mode game and to our container port animation.

Newsletter 2 – An article on truckload versus less than truckload as well as one on the main types of cargo. Release of our “How Ports Work” course.

Newsletter 1 – An article on what 4PL (4th Party logistics is). A special “stay put and learn” – Covid discount. Launch of our logistics blog.