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Transport documents

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Course Overview

In this e-Learning module, we will look in detail at documents used in national and international transport, such as different types of Bills of Lading and Waybills. In other words, we will speak about the documents provided by Freight Forwarders and Carriers.

Total run time approx. 115 min.

Following this course, the student should:

  • be familiar with the majority of existing transport documents used by various transport modes,
  • be aware of the information these documents should contain,
  • be able to verify the basic information they contain and understand it,
  • understand the differences between a Bill of lading and a Waybill,
  • be aware of basic types of Bill of Lading and situations when they may be used,
  • able to exchange in a credible manner with customers, service providers, and others when talking about transport documentation.

If you are not familiar with transport documents, we would recommend to first view and complete the Introduction to transport documents course.

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