CATEGORY: Transport essentials

Introduction to warehousing

Course Access: Lifetime
Course Overview

In this introductory module, we will look at Warehouses, their critical role in most supply chains, and some of their related activities such as Reception, Storage, Pick & Pack and Dispatching.  

We will also speak about the main warehouse management functions, such as space and flow organization, equipment management, processes, inventory control, warehouse technology and workforce management. We will also present some of the main types of warehouses, such as factory attached warehouses and distribution or fulfilment centers.

The expected seat time is around 105 minutes.

Following this course, the student should:

  • have a general knowledge about existing warehouse types
  • be aware about key warehousing functions and understand their importance
  • be able to recognize some of the existing warehouse equipment
  • understand key material flows and the importance of inventory control
  • be able to exchange in a credible manner with customers, freight forwarders, warehouse staff and other parties when discussing warehousing
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