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Customs classification rules and notes

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Course Overview

This course follows Introduction to customs classification (Intro – classification) and we strongly recommend viewing this introduction course prior to this one.

In this course, we will carry on with our explanation of the customs classification process we introduced in our first eLearning module Introduction to customs classification, and will talk about the official and internationally used classification rules and guidelines of the Harmonized system.
The second part of this course provides some details and an overview of the official explanations related to the Harmonized Tariff Schedule.
Total run time, approx. 55 min.

Following this course, the student should:

  • understand what the General Rules of Interpretation and the Additional U.S. Rules are and how to use them,
  • understand the importance of Section and Chapter notes,
  • be aware about the General notes of the HTS US as well as the General statistical notes,
  • be able to follow the recommended process of classification of goods for the imports to the US.


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