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Curious about how container ports work?

The way in which ports operate will differ grandly in function of their size, available equipment, and operating strategy – nevertheless, there are some commonly used operating methods some of which we attempt to bring to life in our simplified animation of a container terminal, container port, and some of its loading, unloading, and container storage activities.
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Flash sale

Incoterms 2020
50% off until March 5th

For a few days, we are offering an exceptional 50% discount on our Incoterms training! This is on top of our global #stayputandlearn discount.
Use the coupon inco50 by March 7th to get your 2 hours full 2020 Incoterms training for a price as low as $22.50 in place of the usual $70 !
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Learning and fun

Play a game

We have updated our popular transport mode selection game with new scenarios, new share buttons and you can even win a discount coupon for our courses.
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2020 world merchant fleet

Based on the publicly available UNCTAD data, the world merchant fleet was composed of over 95,000 vessels in 2020.
The total deadweight of this gigantic fleet was over 2,000,000 thousand tons – meaning that in 2020 the merchant fleet had the capacity to carry (all in: crew, cargo, fuel, ballast,….) over 2,000,000,000 tons at any one point in time.
Read more here.
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